Seiko Dive Watches From A to Z

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Seiko Dive Watches From A to Z

Post by koimaster » May 30th 2019, 2:32pm

The Swiss watch industry was forever known as the definitive place for world class watches. When you thought of quality you thought of Switzerland, their brands are synonymous with watches themselves; Rolex, Omega, or Breitling and their pedigree amongst divers is unrivaled. However, as Yoda once said, “there is another.” Another nation, and a lower price range entirely, you have a choice of dive watches that rival the Swiss, handle the pressure, and look every bit as good on the wrist.

It’s Time to Talk About Seiko

Seiko is one of the oldest continuously operating watch companies in the world. Founded in 1881 in Tokyo Japan, Seiko was operating for more than 20 years before Rolex opened their doors in London. They are, without a doubt, one the most important dive watch companies, having introduced their first diver in 1965, not long after Rolex debuted the Submariner in 1953. They have made some of the most popular and important mechanical dive watches in the decades that have followed.

The best part is, for their relatively low cost, what you get is an ISO certified diver that’s professionally proven, classic in its design, and looks great on your wrist. For a bit of history – Seiko led the quartz watch revolution in the late 1960s. The oscillating quartz crystal that keeps the beat when charged with electrical current made watches very inexpensive and extremely accurate. Bad news for the swiss mechanical watch industry. Good news for Seiko.


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