Ultimate Dive Watch Guide for 2018

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Ultimate Dive Watch Guide for 2018

Post by koimaster » May 30th 2019, 2:31pm

So I imagine there would not be much difference in 2019.

Part 1 of the Ultimate Dive Watch Guide is an introduction to the features that define a diver’s watch and a quick dive watch history noting the major advancements in dive watch technology.

My brother and I spend a lot of time discussing dive watches. We geek out over the minutia of designs from brands that have been around for a hundred years and talk about the latest pieces from micro-brands they discuss on Reddit.

We love dive watches — like a whole lot of people. To me, it’s like jazz or bluegrass. Sometimes you binge, other times you pick and choose. But dive watches are always tough, versatile, and look great, so you really can’t go wrong. But you could go very, very right.


Part 2 of our ultimate dive watch guide covers dive watch brands, types of dive watches, and the requirements for ISO 6425 certification. Besides basic differences between watches in general, like quartz or automatic, dive watches can broken into four basic categories, Skin Diving, SCUBA, Deep Sea Diving, and Digital. We’re saving digital watches, dive computers, and additional complications, such as dive watches with a chronograph, for future guides.

In this 3-post series we’ll cover:

Part 1: A brief history of dive watches, and the features that define them
Part 2: Types of dive watches and an overview of brands and models
Part 3: Our picks for the best dive watches based on type and price range


In the first two parts of the Twisted Bezel’s Ultimate Dive Watch Guide we talk about the features of a dive watch, significant developments in the history of dive watches, and discuss the different brands and watchmakers that contributed the most resources toward pushing the bounds of toughness to reach deeper and deeper into the sea. Here in Part 3, Twisted Bezel offers our picks of the best dive watches for 2018.




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