Breguet No. 1646 Diver Watch

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Breguet No. 1646 Diver Watch

Post by koimaster » December 16th 2017, 10:49am

Breguet No. 1646 Diver Watch: A Newly Discovered Vintage From 1965

This is an interesting story about a rare Breguet dive watch previously unknown to most collectors that was produced in 1965. It is known as the Breguet No. 1646, and apparently, only 60 pieces were ever produced. We don't talk about vintage watches all that often on aBlogtoWatch, but this is a worthy exception and I will explain why. First of all, the fact that in 2014 we are still discovering "new" vintage watches says something important about the hunt for horological history. Second, this dive watch design is unique and good enough that, before long, we will start seeing modern interpretations of it. We see enough of the same vintage style regurgitation, so it is nice to see something new thrown into the mix.

The story of the Breguet No. 1646 dive watch as I know it comes from a short report on a French watch website (linked to below) by a collector who acquired the watch and went through the laborious process of eventually having Breguet authenticate it. Upon first getting the watch, the collector no doubt began to research it. After a meticulous search, he claimed to find absolutely nothing even referencing it. What a surprise that today, with all the information out there online, not a mention of this watch was to be found. ... tage-1965/


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