Mechanical Depth Gauge Watches

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Mechanical Depth Gauge Watches

Post by koimaster » May 23rd 2021, 11:20pm

Depth matters. Mauna Kea, a dormant volcano in Hawaii, is the highest mountain on earth. Not Mount Everest. This is because Mauna Kea extends nearly 6,000 meters from the seafloor to the surface and another 4,207 meters above sea level.

This example is just to get an idea of how important depth is – especially for a diver. And as I’m not known for keeping my stories short, let’s dive right in.

Three reasons to know your depth in sports diving
1. Oxygen is a strong poison, especially under pressure.

Until recently, oxygen toxicity was a neglected problem, only occurring when diving with pure oxygen like navy frogmen did. They used oxygen rebreathers before the invention of the AquaLung.

Hans Hass was the first scientist to use oxygen rebreathers for his studies of marine life, especially sharks, and later became the godfather of sport diving. But he also lost a cameraman diving too deep using an oxygen rebreather. Rebreathers working with 100 percent oxygen can be safely used only in depths to ten meters (by today’s rules) or 20 meters (former military rules), so having a depth gauge to check depth is a good idea. ... e-watches/


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