Groundhog Day

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Re: Groundhog Day

Post by Thunder1 » March 26th 2024, 4:10am

Traveling through my workday w/ a Traveler GMT...
Hamilton Jazzmaster Traveler GMT H32625555(1).JPG
A 39mm Combat Sub for later this afternoon/evening..
Glycine Combat Sub 39 Gl0399(1).jpg
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Re: Groundhog Day

Post by Nuvolari » March 26th 2024, 9:59am

Fatman is fatBACK and that’s TWO good things! :bvbvbv:

Dug up an “oh yeah, that one” wartch late yesterday.
The finish is interesting: even though it’s PVD/DLC/PVC/BBC/ESPN coated it still has contrasting matte and polished finishes which I find attractive in a watch I wear every eight months, maybe even more frequently.
Deep Blue even installed a nifty hydrogen intake valve, likely to lessen the heft of their rather girthy bit of kit. But, it does allow for safe swimming in a 300 meter pool, no matter how it’s measured.
Also - make your day better and carve out a little time to play this in the background. It’s cool, man, cool… all the cats dig it.
Except these guys, don’t be like these guys.
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