WURW Wednesday 11.09.2022

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WURW Wednesday 11.09.2022

Post by Thunder1 » November 9th 2022, 5:53am

Starting the day off w/ a C63 GMT..
Christopher Ward C63 Sealander(3).JPG
And an Ocean 1 Titanium 500 for later this afternoon/evening..
Steinhart Ocean 1 Titanium 500(1).JPG
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Re: WURW Wednesday 11.09.2022

Post by Nuvolari » November 9th 2022, 12:18pm

I seen whatchu dune they’re, Conjigator. I like the word coupé.

And would you believe my daughter was once corrected - erroneously - by an elementary school teacher who admonished her for using the world ‘burgled’?


‘Use it in a sentence…’? Okay, how about, “That turd-burglar of a teacher is so ‘toys in the attic’ he wouldn’t recognize if his own bum was burgled!”? There’s your gawddamn legitimate sentence, dumbass. Sorry, MS. Dumbass. It was a long time ago so, really, it’s probably Spinster Dumbass now.

Also, I dunt have no tootores because I don’t do powdered drugs but I got D. Vill.

But I wonder… if this watch were like my dad’s two door, hard-top Caddy from my single-digit years… would it be a DeVille Coupé?
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