What were You wearing on 9/11, and today

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What were You wearing on 9/11, and today

Post by gerdson » September 11th 2021, 12:11am

I think we all remember what we were doing that day. For many people this world was, to smaller or larger extend, a shithouse even before that date, but it certainly changed a lot. I feel sorry for all those who lost their lives, limbs, psychic health that day and in the wake of the wars that did follow. And for their loved ones.

This is not a WRUW thread.
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Re: What were You wearing on 9/11, and today

Post by TemerityB » September 11th 2021, 5:53pm

If you draw a line from the WTC to my apartment, I was about four miles from the scene. I think I've detailed that day here before, but allow me this: I remember every second of it as if it were yesterday. I was off that day. I really can't remember what I was wearing, but given the time, it probably was a Seiko Kinetic Arctura, which I wore a lot back then.

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Re: What were You wearing on 9/11, and today

Post by bedlam » September 13th 2021, 8:27pm

I was wearing jocks that day...I think.
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Re: What were You wearing on 9/11, and today

Post by Pete26 » September 13th 2021, 9:37pm

I believe I was wearing a Seiko Kinetic that day. I had just sold my first Speedy pro to a guy in Hawaii and was working for the Australian Government. Richard Paige sold TZ later that year and was living the life in Hawaii (still is), and he began running a site called watch paradise which didn't last long.

It had a lot of old TZ regulars and Richard interviewed a finance guy who was supposed to attend a meeting in the towers that fateful day. he was expecting a Daytona to be delivered so cancelled the meeting and stayed home. I remember that post and a lot of others on various forums.

I was also a regular on SCWF and MWR and all the old warriors on MWR were calling for retribution.

I was wearing my Tuna SBBD033 this year.
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