WURW Thursday 08.26.2021

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WURW Thursday 08.26.2021

Post by Thunder1 » August 26th 2021, 4:54am

Starting the day off w/ a Large Date..
Ebel 1911 LgDte(1).JPG
Ebel 1911 LgDte(3).JPG
And a 'Kermit' for later this afternoon/evening..
Steinhart Ocean 39 Green Ceramic(1).JPG
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Re: WURW Thursday 08.26.2021

Post by Nuvolari » August 26th 2021, 10:56pm

Heading out to visit friends in Connecticut and check out our vintage import. There’s some sort of British Car show on Saturday we’re going to check out… Beyond the Turbo Bentley, he also has a splendid Corniche Fixed Head Coupé (i.e. hard top) and then some more unusual things like a Brabus-tuned G55, a Unimog, and a spectacular Toyota Crown.

My poor wife…. She’s a great sport and a wonderful woman!

Waiting at SFO counting down the hours to take off this N95 mask…

It wouldn’t be a trip through an airport if I didnt’t get felt-up by TSA every gawddamn time… “It’s an INSULIN PUMP, you fucks!”

Of course, talk like that is how you miss your flight. Plus, she had a soft touch, so it was okay with me…
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