Christopher Ward C60 Trident homage

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Christopher Ward C60 Trident homage

Post by koimaster » January 17th 2019, 9:44am


$159.00. Ran across this discussion at FB. Interesting comments below. ... olor-black

Martin Stone Judging from this official C60 (that has been returned 3x to have its hour hand aligned) why buy an expensive C60 when this homage is probably no worse (and quite likely from the same Chinese factory anyway ... lEhivwXSzM

Martin Stone Ross Davis. Just an observation Ross. I doubt there is very little in it and the fit and finish and QC of CW watches are quite poor. Numerous tales of CW watches breaking; the forum is littered with examples. CW have always been overpriced, even at sale prices.

Hope the Hamtuns are doing well and flying out the door.

Maurik Willemse I feel bad for CW, honest company trying to grow and they get fucked by their Chinese supplier selling their parts for cheap ripoffs like these. Sure you have to wonder if the movement, Brand, “Swiss made” and some minor QC are worth a 400 dollar markup but in the end you also have to decide to not support this kind of behaviour from suppliers in order to support smaller/growing brands.
Seiko, Rolex, Panerai those brands also get these type of “homages” (for lack of a better term) but are obviously much less affected by them as their cases are copies (good ones nonetheless) but this is certainly straight from CW’s case manufacturer

Bas Brugman Homage? Tribute? this is more in the rip-off segment. they even have they even have the nerve to call their watches "Trident", "Tuna", SKX007 etc. i won't go for it. waste of money

Timothy Moore I like the outrage of folks screaming ripoff when I’ve seen the same style watch made by literally every major watch brand. Over & over. If Sharkey was Swiss have of you wouldn’t be saying a damn thing😂

Maurik Willemse Timothy Moore hmm not really. This is clearly an instance where the supplier of CW parts is providing them to another company. CW isn’t making their own cases in their own factory in Switzerland you know.... neither are many Swiss manufacturers.


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