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Bring a Brain II

Post by koimaster » July 1st 2019, 9:38am

Imported from WUS

Today it's another portion of massive fails and daft hype by our favourite pseudo-experts. Lads and lasses, this is your Bring a Brain!

Let us start with this lovely Omega: ... 2633844228

First of all, case serial and 1950s? No. Case serial to case reference number transition took place in the mid 1940s. So, they've got a serial, and Chuck Maddox's excellent site provides a chart, to which it can be matched. It's the first result on Google, when you look up "omega serial numbers". And yet how hard can it be to match the serial with it? Well, makes me wonder if there's enough people at the Hodinkee shop to change a light bulb, let alone identify an Omega. The serial is for 1944... And the lume- tritium?! In 1944?! Tritium lume wasn't around yet even in the 1950s! A bit like that scene from Monty Python's Meaning of Life: "A tiger? In Africa?". Who watched, will know.
"If this isn't the ultimate dress watch, we don't know what it is". Oh, it's quite clear that you don't know what it is. Let me tell you: it's a badly researched, misidentified rip-off.

Next up, another Longines (they've been having quite a few Longines fails already...): ... 2548180356
Alignment of "Longines" looks slightly off, second hand sticks out beyond the track. And, it's a rip-off.

LIP Super Nautic-Ski: ... 2643475140

Gruen Chrono-Timer: ... 2633768260
Rip-off, and... Batman lugs? Really? How about "poorly hyped lugs"? Can't see anything Batman about that watch...
"This watch puts Gruen on the map." Oh, hell, no!

Keystone: ... 2633628164
Not sure how did they relate it to the Keystone Watch Case Co., I'd say that Keystone registered to a Maurice Staudenmann of Chaux-de-Fonds is more likely to be the Keystone that made this watch. Although it's hard to know for sure, as the fleecers did not post a movement picture- recently they're suffering from movementpicturelackosis again.

UG Tri-Compax: ... 2118639940
Rip-off. Massive. Rip. Off.

Zenith 146HP chrono: ... 2548242692
Rip-off, worn plating. And, a plated case, at that price... No. Just, no.

Hope it's been an entertaining read (if you enjoy horror stories)!


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Re: Bring a Brain II

Post by MKTheVintageBloke » July 1st 2019, 5:46pm

Damn. Feels like I wrote this one ages ago. And it's been, like, three years... Well, after all, it's been 30-something BaB threads since then.
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