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Bring a Brain XXV

Post by MKTheVintageBloke » June 27th 2018, 2:18pm

Welcome, lads and lasses, to yet another episode of Bring a Brain, your favourite watchdog/comedy series! In this instalment, we will cover features that aren't described as what they are, features that aren't there, and we'll welcome a new star of the show, with a ton of redials and other horrors.
The game's afoot! Follow your spirit, and upon this charge... This is your Bring a Brain!

Obviously, as always, we will start with the "usual suspects."

First, this Omega Constellation:

Ummm... No, it's not "gold plated." This particular case material combination is known as gold-cap. Gold-cap usually features a thickly plated or solid gold bezel, plated lugs, but a steel main body of the case. It's not the same as "gold plated", as a gold plated case features a base metal main body and bezel.

Next, this Le Jour chrono:

That lume... So not convincing. Whoa, whoa. So, you want to tell me, that the dial lume is pale beige, but the lume on the hands, and especially the chrono seconds hand, has turned almost black? If these pieces were exposed to the same levels of sunlight, air humidity and so on, the difference would be nowhere near as visible.
But the best part comes here, in the condition assessment: "The chronograph is starting, stopping, and resetting well and the date is advancing correctly at this time." OK... Date? Did you notice that it doesn't have a date? By Jove, look at the reliability of the date complication on this one! It's not there, but it's still advancing correctly! Yay!

Let's move on to what's likely the most clueless shop and YouTube channel around. Known for nauseating videos and an utter lack of knowledge...Lads and lasses, Theo & Harris! Funnily enough, there's actually no Theo or a Harris there, they just picked a fancy name to attract the posh and even more clueless - and that should tell you all that you need to know...

Omega, ummm... "Pre-Seamaster?"

Christ on a bike! Such a display of research skills...and of such a massive knowledge of Omega. Now, dear Theo & Harris (it's so odd to address people who don't even exist, isn't it?), it's no rare "pre-Seamaster." Reference 2576 is a Seamaster.
Perhaps you would know that, if you knew a little bit more than nothing about Omega, that including the nature of unsigned models belonging to named collections. And if you'd know how to use the OVD, which apparently you have failed to do, entirely.

Now, this Omega Geneve:

"Manual-winding 501 caliber." Oh, really? What if I told you, that it's a 601, because the 501 was an automatic movement? Besides, the dial is likely an old service replacement, as the font is incorrect for 1969.

That's it for the Knowers of Nothing. Right now, let's all bow to the King of Cape Cod!

Let's have a look at this Patek:

Replacement dial, overpolished case. What a lovely way to spend 16 500 euro!

A rather sad-looking Omega chrono:
is it a "ghost dial" or just a "ghost of the dial", because most of it is no longer there? Outer scale, gone, font - damaged. Badly overpolished lugs.

I could well list all of their watches in Bring a Brain. Almost all have been tampered with. They only seem to leave Speedmasters be, every now and then.

Last, but by no means least, let us welcome a new star of the show, the owner of the most dishonest auction house in the world (specializing in auctioning fake Panerais), and a seller of redials himself. Lads and lasses, Romain Rea!

First up for barrage, this Breguet...
...or is it even a Breguet at all? Without any movement shots, there's no telling if it is. Of course, not a single listing of his have movement shots. However, it is at best a redial - look at the misaligned sub-second crosshair!

Now, this Longines:
A redial so obvious, that it hurts the eyes.

And then there's this Omega Ranchero:
Oh, by Jove, you don't think it's a legit dial, do you, monsieur Rea? Blotchy lume, wrong and shoddy font, the minute track and numerals are beyond reminiscent of Bombay Specials.

A Ulysse Nardin chrono...
...which is obviously a redial, and hell knows if not a South American fake.

An Omega Constellation...
...which is one of the worst redials that I've seen on any Constellation, ever.

Obviously, no movement shots, and no prices, so that the clueless snobs' vanity is tickled by the necessity of calling them to get to know the price, or ideally, to dish out more than the asking price without knowing the asking price. I have only one thing to say of that business of his - it repels me.

That's it for today's Bring a Brain, lads and lasses. Until next time, and as always, Bring a Brain will return if necessary!
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Re: Bring a Brain XXV

Post by biglove » June 28th 2018, 5:25am

If anyone should be posting a blog about watches, this series would be it.
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Re: Bring a Brain XXV

Post by 3Flushes » June 28th 2018, 8:44am

That's a nice catch on the gold'ish Constellation. Most of them guys don't have a clue about old school methods. That shit holds up as does the old school gold filled shit. Today's cheap shit wears off in the friction of the wind.

Bring a Brain is good shit!
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Re: Bring a Brain XXV

Post by 3Flushes » June 28th 2018, 1:09pm

bobbee wrote:Nice one!
What's a "Breguel", because that's what it says on the dial...

It's not even close, man! Unless of course it was the fifth friday of the month which everyone knows is the day Brequet doesn't dot all of it's i's and cross all it's t's.
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Re: Bring a Brain XXV

Post by bedlam » June 28th 2018, 5:06pm

Nice work Mr Bloke. I appreciate having you out there :Thumbsup:
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