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Bring a Brain IX

Post by koimaster » October 18th 2017, 4:10pm

March 31st, 2017

It's been a very long time since the last proper BaB. A. Very. Long. Time. I don't know how's that possible, but spare for massive fleecing and the consistently rancid hype, our favourite hipsters haven't scored a massive fail approximately since Christmas, when upon raising hell about a redial, a VC was withdrawn. Since then, there were a few listings from the last few months, which deserve a honourable mention in this slight return of Bring a Brain. Also, certain stories, articles and news coverage from the Mordor of watch sites need to be addressed. Lads and lasses, this is your Bring a Brain!

Without further ado, let's get to the first example of fleecing:
Chaps, no. No, just, nope. It's not a diver! Do you see a diving bezel here? An internal rotating bezel? Nope? Well, that's's not a diver. Water resistance to 30m was a standard rating for a waterproof Omega case back then- even simple, dressy Geneves and Seamaster De Ville models are listed as having that rating. Aaaand, of course, the price is nuts- the only actually uncommon and pricey Geneve is one reference with a chronometer certified movement... Geneves are sub-$400 watches, and while this one might be a bit more pricey, $2400 is utter madness.
A Geneve, in the Pie Pan Constellation price range? How about no?

Next, a massive rip-off:
"Manual-wound Juvenia-signed movement." Wut? For above the MSRP of a new Speedmaster, there's no movement picture, and they don't even fully identify what they have.

Next, an out of this world example of fleecing, and a spectacular miss when it comes to estimating the age of the watch.
First of all, such dial and hands style is completely inconsistent with the 1920s trends in pocket watch design- this screams late 1930s, early to mid 1940s, the end of the heyday of pocket watches. If that case number by any chance follows the UG serial number system, it's for circa 1945. OK, the original box does increase the value a bit, but 1800 is quite a few times too much.

That's it for the Shop, now it's time for giving a wee bombardment to the column, to which Bring a Brain owes its name...
Two watches (and their descriptions) immediately stand out- the Excelsior Park chrono, and the CK 2777 milwatch. Let's start with the EP. First of all, "Oyster bracelet with a Breitling-signed clasp". What, by Jove, is a Breitling clasp doing on an EP? Also, "Oyster bracelet" refers to a particular Rolex bracelet design, not any bracelet with three rows of links! Aaand, the movement. Yes, these spots, where inscriptions or numbers were apparently machined off, really inspire confidence. Aaaarghhh.

Now the CK 2777, and the basic mistake that they keep making with it. They were not just relumed, these watches were redialed (completely, not just adding the T marking, as the description seems to be suggesting) and relumed to fit the new MOD specification. They're known as MOD redials.
Now, this one:
The Zenith hype they're doing recently is infuriating, but the $550 price tag on the Bulova gives me the laughs. Also, it's not a dive watch... It's as much of a diver as the Datejust, which they seem to be comparing it to in order to hype it.

Last, but not least, slight return of the "Calatrava Houdini" and the self-serving coverage of the Longines Heritage 1945, the inspiration for which has been coincidentally chosen from the collection of Sauron himself:
Aaarghhhh, "Calatrava-style." Still better than "Longines Calatrava" from the Shop, but still... In the Omega Forum coverage of the watch, it has been referred to, following Hoodwinkee's misleading hype mumbo-jumbo, as a "Longines Calatrava" To whomever it may concern: THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A LONGINES CALATRAVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And next, this part of the coverage:
"...provides much of that vintage style without the rarity or the price tag." First of all, what rarity? Where does the claim come from, where's the evidence? Second: the price tag. A 38mm Longines might not be exactly cheap these days, but above a top barrier of $800-$1000, it's absolutely nuts. So 1700 is allegedly affordable compared to the original? I wonder for how much did someone fleece him. He wouldn't have overpaid...if he knew a thing or two.

I have to admit, that the watch is lovely, but I would prefer to never have learned the story behind it.

OK, chaps, that's it for this long-delayed edition of Bring a Brain. Hope you have enjoyed it. I'm glad that a Bring a Brain wasn't necessary for such a long time, because this means, that while people overpay in the Fleecers' Den every week, at least it's for pieces without considerable authenticity issues. Just remember, what Bring a Brain has covered before- redials, relumes, and everything you wouldn't want to spend as much as a penny on.
As always, Bring a Brain will return if necessary!


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