Intro into vintage Russian watches

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Intro into vintage Russian watches

Post by koimaster » May 16th 2021, 11:58pm

If you’re new to the vintage watch game, chances are you’ll start by looking at Swiss and Japanese watches. And that makes perfect sense; we’re constantly reminded that these two watchmaking behemoths were instrumental in shaping the world of watches. From not-so-subtle reminders of the brand’s historic accomplishments (did you know the Omega Speedmaster was the first watch on the moon?) to the seemingly endless stream of vintage re-issues, the Swiss and Japanese have done an extraordinary job of celebrating their history as a core facet of their brand identity. It’s no surprise, then, that many watch enthusiasts interested in wading into the sea of vintage watches head straight for brands with a rich and well-documented heritage, such as Rolex, Omega, and Seiko…. and then they scamper right back out again after seeing how high the prices are for these vintage pieces and realizing that the vintage market is fraught with danger (fakes, re-dials, frankenwatches, etc.). ... KrSvxv2PE4


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Re: Intro into vintage Russian watches

Post by jason_recliner » May 17th 2021, 5:00pm

DoctorIvey wrote:
May 17th 2021, 4:50pm
You want to know about vintage Russian wartches? Forget "intro", I'll give you the beginning, the middle, and the end. And I'll do it in two words. Granny. Laylow.
Word as fuck.
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