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Post by koimaster » December 23rd 2020, 10:01pm

When you are a watch amateur like me, having the opportunity to disassemble and reassemble a brand new caliber is always a great pleasure. A mixture of excitement (what am I going to discover?) and apprehension (what am I going to break?).

When the caliber in question is part of a watchmaker’s bold strategic move, the pleasure is coupled with a feeling of consciousness about what is at stake for those who designed it, produce it, and “incidentally” invest their money in it.

Moreover, when the brand in question is one you are familiar with its history and heritage, and the brand entrust you its latest caliber for an independent review, a smell of gratitude is floating in the air (do you ear the background violins melody?).

OK. Let’s come back to earth. I am well aware that I am part of the brand’s marketing strategy. I know this. They know I know this. This is the game. However I will not shy away from my fun and I am very happy to share this review with you.

But what is this all about? Today I have the pleasure to reverse engineer and review the new YEMA 3000 GMT caliber that equips the Superman Bronze GMT for which there was a successful Kickstarter campaign back in October. YEMA has communicated a lot on the improvements made to its first generation caliber MBP1000. That’s a peace of luck: I have one such caliber that has been lying around for a long time in one of ... daMbBzZyDk


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