The Calypso Denise

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The Calypso Denise

Post by koimaster » August 25th 2020, 6:06pm

The Calypso Denise, named after Jacques Cousteau’s famous submarine, has been the most popular collection in recent years from Scandinavia’s E.C.Andersson Watch Co. The model has been released in different versions, all of them leading up to the new Denise Date, a beautiful, all-inclusive tool watch. The company is releasing the watch with a 25 percent discount if ordered early, with the price slightly increasing by every 10 pieces sold until it reaches the listing price, which means being early is beneficial. ... 728bd6f117


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Re: The Calypso Denise

Post by biglove » August 25th 2020, 6:56pm

My dog could crap a better looking watch.
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