Yema Price Increase

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Yema Price Increase

Post by koimaster » April 10th 2020, 9:16am

January 29, 2020

During the last three years YEMA decided to maintain retail prices for all its watches and collections.

Following recent developments around Swiss watch movements made available to third-party brands and in particular the sharp price increase coupled to the reduction of stock pushes us to anticipate an increase in retail prices for 2020, as follows:

Superman Heritage : From $ 999 to $ 1,099
Superman Heritage Blue : From $ 1,149 to $ 1,249
Superman Heritage U.S. Edition : From $ 1,149 to $ 1,249
Superman GMT / Black / Black Gray / Kakhi : From $ 1.449 to $ 1,574
Rallygraf Heritage / Yachtingraf Heritage : From $ 2,249 to $ 2,399
Flygraf Heritage : From $ 1,899 to $ 2,049

These retail price increases will be applicable as from May 1st, 2020.

Ambre Group and its watch brand YEMA anticipated the recent decisions taken by COMCO (Swiss Competition Commission) which were under discussion for the past few years, by reinforcing its desire for innovation and research.

In this context, between 2007 and 2011, Ambre Group invested over EUR 3m in Research & Development in order to design its own in-house caliber, the MBP1000. The objective was to secure independence for a French watchmaker having its own workshops and watchmakers team based in France.

Since 2018, YEMA, through Ambre Group, has again endeavored to invest significantly in Research & Development to make further evolve its in-house caliber MBP1000. In addition to this development, the Group has also focused its efforts on developing another complications aiming at ensuring independence from the Swiss suppliers but above all in order to increase its watchmaking know-how.

These new developments will be unveiled during 2020.


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Re: Yema Price Increase

Post by bbattle » April 10th 2020, 10:22am

How well known is Yema around the world? Will they be able to make these price increases stick?

They have some nice watches but unless your company is called Rolex, raising prices does not sound like a winning proposition.

Particularly when people are spending their watch money in order to buy toilet paper.

Now, if they threw in a free pack of TP with every watch purchase, they'd sell out faster than a third term politician.


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Re: Yema Price Increase

Post by Thunder1 » April 10th 2020, 11:06am

"Now, if they threw in a free pack of TP with every watch purchase, they'd sell out faster than a third term politician."

I'll have to remember that line!!.. good one.. @!<$
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