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Ralf Tech watches

Post by koimaster » March 27th 2020, 4:49pm

Once upon a time…

In 1996, professional diver Frank Huyghe created the brand RALF TECH. TECH as in “technological”, relative to professional equipment, and in reference to what is called “technical” or “tek” diving, which is deeper than recreational diving and requires specific equipment.

https://www.ralftech.com/en/notre-maiso ... -passions/



Even before designing our first watches, RALF TECH was equipping the French Navy and their combat swimmers with diving equipment, who found the brand to be reliable enough to meet the requirements and challenges of their missions.

In 2010, the COMMANDO HUBERT operators tested a RALF TECH watch model during one of their missions to an outdoor terrain, which they had helped to develop in response to specific problems: the new WRX.

In a mountainous environment, with everchanging weather conditions and in a particularly violent terrain, the watch proved its solidity, reliability, and its water-resistance (not only to water, but also to sand and mud)

The extreme world in which the first RALF TECH watch was born foreshadowed the extreme uses that one encounters in an outdoor terrain, on land or at sea.

Since then, the WRX has equipped most of the French Special Forces units as well as the elite units of the French National Police and the Police Brigade.

Switzerland, Great Britain, Italy – among others – have also equipped some of their Special Forces units with RALF TECH watches. Mostly WRX but also WRVs and new WRBs. In addition, RALF TECH has a NATO approval number allowing us to deliver to countries that are members of this organization.

In addition to its commercial production, RALF TECH develops models with specifications dedicated to particular uses through its “Professional Division”.

These are unique models or limited series pieces produced for and in collaboration with the various units making up the French or foreign special forces as well as watch models intended for underwater engineering companies. These models are not sold to our retailers and are not intended for the general public.

If you are a professional and have a project for your unit or company, we invite you to contact us here > [email protected]


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