Habring² Perpetual-Doppel

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Habring² Perpetual-Doppel

Post by koimaster » July 15th 2019, 8:18am

The Austrian brand Habring², founded by Maria and Richard Habring in 2004, is marking its 15th birthday with a new model, and its most complicated to date. The Perpetual-Doppel features a monopusher split second chronograph combined with a perpetual calendar.

First, some history.

The genesis of their GPHG award-winning Doppel 2.0 lies a couple of decades ago when Richard Habring was at IWC and created the world’s first affordable split-seconds chronograph, the IWC Doppelchronograph (Ref. 3711) by adapting the workhorse Valjoux 7750 movement. It was revolutionary because he democratised the ability to time two events with the same chronograph, which had previously been a far more complex and pricey watchmaking affair.

A basic chronograph keeps track of elapsed seconds, minutes and sometimes hours, through the use of pushers. Upon activation, the seconds hands starts. With a double chronograph, the centre seconds hand is overlaid by another hand which moves simultaneously. In order to time a second event, the user presses the pusher on the left side of the case which stops the second sweep hand, thereby displaying the elapsed time instantly whilst the main seconds hand continues to run until stopped. Pressing the left-side pusher again causes the stopped hand to catch up to the running seconds so that they move in unison once more

https://horologium.com.au/2019/07/15/ne ... al-doppel/


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