70’s Bulova Accutron Spaceview

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70’s Bulova Accutron Spaceview

Post by koimaster » November 14th 2020, 3:42pm

Late last year, every other Monday, I would meet a small group of watch enthusiasts at a bar in lower Manhattan's SoHo neighborhood. Half-consumed glasses of scotch would be moved aside and collectors and dealers would splay out their assortment of vintage watches on the high tops right under hanging lamps, spotlighting the watches in the same way that an art piece hanging in a gallery would be lit. And if you've ever been to these sorts of gatherings, you know that enthusiasts treat the watches just like art, too – squinting eyes and saying "hmm" while observing the details of the piece.

On one of those tables was a solid 18k gold Bulova Accutron Spaceview, a watch that I've always found fascinating not only for it's wild aesthetic, but because it's also a watch that's emblematic of an era when the realization of space travel helped shape the public's attitude and aspirations toward the widespread adoption of science and technology as the way forward. It was the first time in history that machines could make decisions more accurately and with more consistency than the people who created them. Traditional social values were challenged in the 1960s, and so was traditional watchmaking. The excitement about the prospect of tuning fork movements, like the one in the watch I had in my hands, was real. It was so real, in fact, that the very existence of the Spaceview as a production model was due to the fact that people were so excited about the concept that Bulova made it into one. Initially, it was just a model that appeared in Bulova displays at dealers to demonstrate how a tuning fork-equipped watch looked and performed.

https://www.hodinkee.com/articles/bulov ... 1cc48dd36b


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