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Specializing in the repair and restoration of first edition Accutron 214 caliber timepieces

Our Story
·Saturday, November 16, 2019·

Hello, my name is Martin. I’m the chief cook and bottle washer at The Accutron Place. I repair, restore, buy, and sell first edition Accutron 214 caliber timepieces.
I graduated from Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston Massachusetts in 1962. Soon after, I began my first serious job as a machinist at the General Radio company (GenRad) in Concord Massachusetts.

GenRad was a great place to work, but I was drawn to another company that was world renowned for inventing instant photography. The Polaroid Corporation was an outstanding high-tech business located in Cambridge, Mass.

I eventually worked my way into a group that was developing instant movie film that could be processed while rewinding in an instant playback projector, much like a TV (Polavision), and my 4th floor, one-man experimental machine shop had a spectacular view of the Charles River Basin, but unfortunately, technology is a double-edged sword and Polaroid lost its luster, almost overnight, with the advent of instant digital camera technology.
So, I moved on to Microwave Associates (MA/Com), a company located in Lowell, Massachusetts, where I joined its very generous 401K plan and worked there for over a decade until I decided to go full-time with my web based Accutron 214 repair business.

The Accutron Place:

When Bulova stopped making repair parts, I began to imagine the day when I would have to toss my Spaceview into a drawer for good. I hated the thought, so I started collecting 214's, for parts and eventually, through trial and error I became proficient in Accutron 214 repair, so in 1998 I set up my first Accutron repair page on another site called “The Antique Advertiser” which I had been playing with for several years.

From the beginning, one of my objectives has been to bring the important, but little known history of a true American icon to light, and in order to do that, I needed more pages, so in 2002 I set up The Accutron Place website,

In the process, I've worked to create a comprehensive collection of photos, and in-depth information about first edition Accutron 214's. Spend a few minutes browsing my Q & A page and you may find something of value to you.

My 15 Minutes:

In August of 2002 I was privileged to be one of the people contacted by Roy Furchgott, who was a regular contributor to the "Personal Tech" section of the New York Times. He was writing an article about the growing collectability of 1960's Accutrons. The title is self -explanatory: For Collectors, a Race for a Space-Age Heirloom. Since that time, interest in the first edition 214 caliber Accutron has grown dramatically.

After completing work on his two Accutrons, I was privileged to receive a visit by former astronaut Jeffrey A. Hoffman. Hoffman Biographies: Wikipedia & NASA

214 Repair Information:
Repairing an Accutron 214 requires specific knowledge, and certain unique skills which have been largely forgotten over the years, One wrong move can destroy delicate parts in the "Index Mechanism or the "Coil" which otherwise might have lasted for another 50 years. For that reason you should only trust an experienced repairer of vintage Accutron’s with your "Hummer".

Accutron 214 Parts:

Parts are the life's blood of any repair service. Bulova no longer repairs tuning fork watches and if you ask them why, they will inform you that they have no repair parts. Many of the unique parts in a 214 are still considered to be an engineering tour de force. That can also be said of the remarkable machines that Bulova built to manufacture them, but those machines were scrapped long ago and none of the major parts in a 214 are being made by anyone today.
Given the current situation, repairers must buy a working 214 to obtain one of each critical part. Fortunately during the 17 years of 214 production there were upwards of 15 million 214's sold worldwide and working parts watches are still available. Disposable parts such as gaskets and crystals are still being made and are readily available from Bulova and others. I have been repairing Accutron 214's and collecting 214 parts for over a quarter of a century with the result that I have built up a huge inventory which is constantly being replenished.

The Accutron Place is a secure website that has been rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau.
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