General Omar Bradley's Special Bulova Accutron

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Re: General Omar Bradley's Special Bulova Accutron

Post by AllThingsMustPass848 » January 29th 2020, 6:33pm

I have another one of these! I am the owner of the watch another user posted from the forum. It belonged to my grandfather, who was a bomber pilot in WW2 and the president of Southern Cross Mattress in the late 1960s. It sat on my dad's dresser from 2012 until early 2019, when it caught my eye while I visited home to be with my grandmother while she was in hospice. She died just a couple days later, and wasn't able to tell me anything about the watch. So, we know nothing about how he got it! His initials are engraved on the back, though. I've gone through many of their belongings, and have found no documentation or letters related to the watch. I wish I knew more, but I feel so incredible grateful to have this piece of his legacy. And so glad I found this forum! I have some much higher resolution photos now, but am having some trouble figuring out how to post them here. Here is one from the mybulova forum Image
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Re: General Omar Bradley's Special Bulova Accutron

Post by bobbee » January 30th 2020, 12:27am

Hi there, new member. Great story of your watch, and I hope you read page one of this thread to see another great Bradley Accutron posted by Jpt. I have sent him an email just now, asking for more photos of his watch, as like yours it appears to be the real thing with patina and original finish as well as the 'tight' star formation, unlike the one on Hodinkee, which has a badly refinished dial and incorrect N9 for 1979 date. There have been no replies or corrections on Hodinkee, except for that dimwit Accutronitis stating the obvious...
I contacted Stephen at myBulova with regards to the other genuine model here, and he agreed with my take on the Hodinkee example. I am surprised he hasn't added them to your thread over there.

To post photos, you should try using to upload, or another similar third party app.

And welcome to Watchlords, have fun!
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