Bulova "Parking Meter"

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Bulova "Parking Meter"

Post by Datsun240Z71 » July 31st 2022, 4:10am

With The Bulova “Parking Meter” You Will Never Get A Parking Ticket Again… Or Will You?

Ah, Bulova. A brand with 145 years of watchmaking history and releases that are hit or miss. From collections honoring the iconic American motorcycle brand Harley Davidson to neat WWII re-creations, Bulova has a knack for releasing contradictory collections, some of which are subpar and others objectively cool. The brand jumped on the bandwagon of leafing through old catalogs to see what would be cool to reissue. After releasing an updated Oceanographer — the ubiquitous “Devil Diver” — and the Surfboard, the brand just released a re-creation of its 31008-6W “Parking Meter” from 1973.

Before we get into the review, let me ask you something: what do you actually use your chronograph for? To time how fast a race car swallows a lap or how long your pasta has been cooking? Decades ago, brands created watches that had ultra-specific purposes. They could, for example, calculate the airspeed of a plane or the wearer’s distance from a storm. A quirky type of chronograph was used to time how long you had left before the parking meter ran out. A recent release from Singer Reimagined helps you brew four types of coffee just right. So there are definitely many ways to use a chronograph. I don’t know whether or not the Bulova “Parking Meter” was intended to help avoid parking tickets. Its nickname, however, seems to come from the unique-looking, old-school New York City parking meter shape at the center of the dial. Whatever its intended use, it looks cool. So let’s talk about it.

https://www.fratellowatches.com/bulova- ... -will-you/

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Re: Bulova "Parking Meter"

Post by MAX » July 31st 2022, 5:04am

Sad, just sad what Bulova has become.
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