The Admiral spotting in the Pacific Northwest

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The Admiral spotting in the Pacific Northwest

Post by smellody » October 24th 2015, 12:25pm

The little guy arrived while I was incarcerated in the local hospital. On my break out, I found the package and like the Pina Coloda song I knew the Admiral awaited an unpacking. That was late Thursday afternoon.

Friday I was due to leave the house at 4 am for a four hour afternoon meeting in San Francisco. I was prepared to travel light and carry the Admiral out of state. At 4:20 as I staged a plan to take good cough syrup when I parked at the airport and buy OTC cough syrup after security I realized I was in over my head and the Admiral and I would sit out this mission. I spent the Friday working from bed. The Admiral remained entombed.

This morning, feeling better I rescued the little guy. Image
First thoughts. Original packaging appears to be cardboard. Watch came with an extra strap and tightly folded instructions.

With the week I've been through I found an appropriate hospital souvenir to send along with the little guy. Image

The little guy is newer than some of my watches.Image
But I hope the week with me and some endurance testing will fix that. Wish him well.
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Re: The Admiral spotting in the Pacific Northwest

Post by TemerityB » October 24th 2015, 2:02pm

The Admiral appears in great shape. Now, you get in that same, fine-running shape, smells. We demand that you do, pal.
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