The Admiral has come home. Awkshun WINNER!!!

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Re: The Admiral has come home. Awkshun.

Post by conjurer » February 7th 2016, 2:09pm

foghorn wrote:Timex weekender-35 dollars
A couple extra straps-30 dollars
2 slot display Box-20 dollars
A map,a written account, and historical provenance-Priceless

And it all goes to the best cause of all. Watchlords.

2 days to go bump.

Ante up, you cheap bastards!
Cream rises to the top while jackoffs only leave puddles of rancid jizz.

--Temerity, regarding Bazinga!.
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Re: The Admiral has come home. Awkshun.

Post by foghorn » February 8th 2016, 2:05pm

Winner winner Chicken Dinner!!!
Flushflushflush is the new owner of a Watchlords icon.

Congrats-I'm sure you'll get along famously.

Big thanks goes to artman for the incredible map and to Conjurer for his literary account, which will be signed by the author and sent to Mr. Flushes as part of the package.
Also thanks to the 11 "hosts"-all of whom treated the Admiral with respect and showed him an unforgettable time.
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