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The Seagull “Four Seasons”

Posted: June 20th 2020, 7:27pm
by koimaster
These new X-rated limited editions from Seagull may be the horniest watches ever, err, conceived

Greetings, fellow travellers. Here at Scottish Watches, we know all too well how mystifying and intimidating it can be to traverse the vast kingdom of weird and wonderful watches otherwise known as AliExpress. Fear not, for help is at hand. Let us be your guides, as we venture forth together into parts unknown. This is AliExpress Adventures.

The world of Chinese watchmaking is frequently dismissed entirely by watch enthusiasts and collectors in the west, with an attitude that can be described as naïve western exceptionalism at best, and outright Sinophobic racism at its worst. China’s standing as the “The World’s Factory”, and the global economic conditions that make it the manufacturing go-to for western microbrands pushing low-cost landfill fodder, have seemingly led many to assume that there are no “real” watchmakers amongst its one-billion-plus population. This is, of course, is total guff, and the sheer range of products offered by Tianjin Seagull Watch Group- the largest manufacturer of mechanical movements in China and, indeed, the entire world- is merely the tip of the iceberg. From the cult favourite 1963 chronograph all the way up to tourbillons and minute repeaters, there’s wild stuff going on across all price points, although the brand is generally not recommended for Aberdonians. This all brings us quite neatly to their new Four Seasons limited editions, for which “wild” is certainly the operative word. ... 2WWhDnYh2g ... 70-_ePNSNV

Re: The Seagull “Four Seasons”

Posted: June 20th 2020, 8:18pm
by AlbertaTime
I like my Jintuofei just fine, and for a lot less, complete with the "help is at hand" case back ;-)