Glashütte Original Vintage Sixties- the ultimate green dial?

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Glashütte Original Vintage Sixties- the ultimate green dial?

Post by Racer-X » April 12th 2018, 6:51pm

by Justin Mastine-Frost "Now a third year into the Sixties series of watches — one that started with a limited production of five colourways of the watch seen here in 2016, and a similar set of colours in a square chronograph for 2017 — Glashütte Original have opted to cut choice out of the equation for Baselworld 2018. A beautifully textured green dial, stamped using vintage dies from the brand’s archives, will be available from boutiques and retailers for a one-year period (rather than being limited to a specific volume of watches). We’ve been seeing green making the rounds of luxury watch brands for a good couple of years now, but with the combination of colour choice, unique texture, and the generally funky ’60s-era vibe to this piece, I can’t help but lock it in as my favourite green dial to date. Now I know a lot of you will want to have my head for not picking the new green-dialled H. Moser Pioneer, but rest assured, it’s a mighty tight race between the two. Vital statistics Depending on the variant, as the new Sixties model is available as either a no-date or Panorama Date configuration, buyers have the option of either a svelte…"
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Re: Glashütte Original Vintage Sixties- the ultimate green d

Post by Mark1 » April 12th 2018, 9:21pm

I suppose if I had to wear a green dial watch I would wear that one if someone sent it to me. Someday I'll own a GO but probably not that one.
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