WG sticky : Posting of fakes/replica watches. Is this an Oxy

Fashion brands such as Gucci, Hermes' and similar are here
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WG sticky : Posting of fakes/replica watches. Is this an Oxy

Post by koimaster » December 22nd 2010, 7:44am

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Posting of fakes/replica watches
Please. We have discussed this in the past but recent events make this post a neccessity...

If you own any replica watches, that's fine. I don't feel it is any of my business or anyone else's. People buy them for various reasons, none of which need to be debated.

But please do not post them here. Do not post links to replica watches, do not post pictures of replica watches, even if they are in the background blurred, or partially hidden by another watch... just please do not do it.

Thank you.

So that must include the following:

Invicta DD Speedway
the 9937
The bremont clone
The sandstone dials (fake)


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