Fabergé - Interview with Sean Gilbertson

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Fabergé - Interview with Sean Gilbertson

Post by koimaster » May 9th 2016, 8:29am

Fabergé has only recently been restored to its former glory and you were instrumental in this. Tell us how it came about.
To start at the beginning, I was actively involved in the acquisition of the Fabergé brand and name from Unilever, who had owned it since 1989. That transaction took around two years and we eventually concluded it in January 2007. At that point, Fabergé had a number of licence agreements that had been issued to assorted parties around the globe, who were making a wide and interesting variety of stuff. Some of it was great, but some of it was certainly below par. That is not a light undertaking and it took a while to do away with the licence agreements that were in place. We eventually managed it and today there is not a single licence agreement in place so control has effectively been restored to the centre.
We approached the project with the goal of restoring the dignity of Fabergé in keeping with the spirit and ethos of what it stood for pre-1917, which meant that we were going to focus on “hard” luxury, in other words objects, timepieces and jewellery. We tackled the jewellery problem first, working with a remarkable fellow called Frédéric Zaavy, who unfortunately passed away a couple of years ago at a young age. Together with him in 2009 we launched the first new Fabergé jewellery collection since the brand had been reunited with the Fabergé family, who lost the rights in 1951. This collection showed the world immediately that Fabergé was back

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