Yep..No difference between a Hublot Tourbillon and an Android TURDBILLON

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Re: Yep..No difference between a Hublot Tourbillon and an An

Post by eddiea » July 22nd 2017, 4:14am

TemerityB wrote:
PiningforElgin wrote:
TemerityB wrote:I just read on TB that PhatKat, the goofball YouTube watch know-less-than nothing who is the Doodle Weaver to Kevin Trudeau, is moving from Invicta shilling to Aragon pimping, all in the quest for click-through pennies.

Android I have little beef with, but to compare them to anything but other TV watches is, well, so PhatKat-esque.

Aragon watches are way too big. I don't know what this Wing guy is thinking. What's with the large size of TV watches? He had smaller ones before mixing with Invicter crowds.

Just curious, besides using Japanese movements, how do Aragon compare with entry-level Swiss? Like pre-Invicter Glycine, or the bottom shelf (relatively speaking) of Raymond Weil offerings?

Liang usually relies on Miyota or Seiko auto movements, with the occasional gray 7750 that slips into his viewshed. His bracelets and bands are some of the worst I've seen on any watches at any price points; stiff leather and clunky hollow links are the order of the day. Bracelets are also comically wide in order to live up to the ginormous 50 and 55mm monstrosities they're supporting. Many of the watches are heavy and cumbersome, to be kind; Liang was one of the first companies to use the 9000 series, yet the watches were ghastly and too large to be taken seriously by anyone expect the fapping gibbons that watch TV to make every decision during their lives. To be fair, Liang actually manages to fix what he sells and works well with his customers.

But to be blunt: Android/Aragon makes, say, Raymond Weil and Victorinox Swiss Army look like Patek and Vacheron, iMHO.

Yep!!..personally, I have couple Androids over the years with no issues to complaint about , was thinking about a T-100 fitted Aragon for a beater....
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