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Fashion brands such as Gucci, Hermes' and similar are here
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Re: Watch Geek!

Post by DBCooper » November 11th 2010, 10:21am

That was great. Im dying laughing!
After all, no ham-wristed louts complained when all watches were 34mm - no cries of "looks like a little girl's watch on my wrist!" Like King Canute on the beach, that's where I draw the line - come what may.

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Re: Watch Geek!

Post by Guest » November 16th 2010, 4:52am

labman wrote:Classic!

Only if it could be posted @ WG!

I think it was,maybe not this exact one,but one like it
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Re: Watch Geek!

Post by TemerityB » August 4th 2016, 2:10pm

Lotsa great Geek stumbles and fumbles being dug up today by koi. Read and learn, WIT lurkers!
WatchGeeks will go down in watch forum history as the worst watch related site that existed. Trolls, threats, bannings, and owners and sponsors talking out of their collective asses to fleece people out of hard earned money. - Koimaster
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