H. Moser Retracts The Swiss Icons Watch

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H. Moser Retracts The Swiss Icons Watch

Post by koimaster » August 9th 2019, 1:54pm

n an official statement released this morning, H. Moser announced that they will not be presenting the unique Swiss Icons Watch at SIHH next week, nor will they be auctioning off the piece in support of the Fondation pour la Culture Horlogère Suisse after the fair. We first noticed something wasn't quite right yesterday, when all traces of the watch disappeared from Moser's website, social media accounts, and YouTube channel sometime mid-morning Eastern Time. After contacting a representative of the brand, we were told that they did not wish to comment at the time, but that an official statement would be coming soon.

That official statement arrived this morning and reads as follows:

Dear H. Moser friends and others,

No one said #MakeSwissMadeGreatAgain would be easy...

You might have noticed that we have stopped our campaign promoting our Swiss Icons Watch.

While our objective was to pay tribute to the great founders of our beautiful industry and warn against certain practices of others, the message was unfortunately sometimes misunderstood.

As such, the Swiss Icons Watch will therefore no longer be presented and won’t be sold to raise funds to support education and training of young Swiss Watchmakers.

But fear not, we still have a number of surprises to share with you next week at SIHH.

Yours sincerely,
Edouard Meylan
CEO H. Moser & Cie.
After receiving this statement, I called Edouard Meylan to see if he could provide any addition insight or detail, and he kindly agreed to speak with me. He emphasized that Moser earnestly intended this watch as both a tribute to great brands and a critique of those whose strategy is all about empty marketing. He also clarified that no legal action has been filed against H. Moser but that due to other factors this decision had to be made and that they really had no choice.

If you haven't already read Jack's introduction and explanation of the Swiss Icons Watch, I highly recommend you check it out here. Even though this watch will now never been seen in the metal, Jack's take is well worth a read and this story is definitely going to be a hot topic of conversation at SIHH next week.

https://www.hodinkee.com/articles/h-mos ... cons-watch


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Re: H. Moser Retracts The Swiss Icons Watch

Post by MKTheVintageBloke » August 9th 2019, 4:01pm

Fuck the Donkeys.
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I'd send them all an animated gif of Ron Jeremy sucking his own cock.
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Re: H. Moser Retracts The Swiss Icons Watch

Post by Pubbie » August 10th 2019, 9:14am

This is from a while back, isn't it?

Anyway, fuck Old Europe's haughty, retarded, inbred bully-boys. They're only incapable of ordering around their own and don't stand a snowball's in the real world.

I did love how this trollwatch put the shits up the fragrant brand fanboys on Hoodwinkee and others (who weren't just from Yurrup, let me say in the interest of balance!). A little butthurt, were we, girls?
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