Recovered memories, blunders and saves

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Recovered memories, blunders and saves

Post by koimaster » January 23rd 2020, 10:38am

Recovered memories, blunders and saves: The Orient Star Sky Sports WZ0021FZ World Timer

A leisurely commute, peddling a pushbike or sauntering along on Shanks’ pony provides ample opportunity to allow one’s mind to wonder, entirely undirected. On one such occasion a few months ago, I recalled a fleeting hankering from my early years as a watch obsessive, something unusual, quirky even, but that memory dissolved once more into background noise, receding into the murk of muddy subconscious. Later, a thread catches my metaphorical eye once again, the memory surfacing briefly and I think I have a hold. It was an Orient. An Orient Star, I’m pretty sure. Perhaps PVD, a variation in red, one in gold plate. My initial Google turns up nothing. But I remember it must have been about 2008 or 2009. And then I recall that the watch in question had a GMT function, perhaps a world timer. The addition of that detail turned up trumps and I found an image that crystallised my memory, restoring it, if not quite to its original state, but sufficiently to find it settled once more into the front of consciousness, rather than buried.

For a short time back then, the Orient watch brand held a degree of fascination for me. I’d owned an Orient Star Somès for a few months following the failure of a Citizen Eco-Drive that I’d bought myself for my 40th birthday. The Orient was supposed to be a stop-gap while my Citizen was being repaired and while its time in my possession did turn out to be rather short-lived, it succeeded in catalysing my interest in matters horological from peripheral to centre stage. My next watch after that was a Seiko 6105 and I was doomed.

https://adventuresinamateurwatchfettlin ... rld-timer/


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