Some New Orient Stars

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Some New Orient Stars

Post by conjurer » August 30th 2018, 8:26pm

Now that the Big O has killed off Royal Orient, it appears that they're releasing some new stuff for OS.

Heritage Gothic (don't blame me, I didn't name 'em): ... gothic.php

38mm, sub-dial seconds, purdy, looks to be running about $650 street price.

What looks to be a replacement for the Orient Mako II: ... ory_id=265

Also, a bunch of new Orients, mainly open hearts and the goofy "sun-moon" stuff: ... ory_id=264
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Re: Some New Orient Stars

Post by Pubbie » August 31st 2018, 3:28am

conjurer wrote:They're saying these are new versions of the venerable Mako, but I don't really see much difference: ... ory_id=265

It's been embiggened for no reason - and much longer from lug to lug. You can tell by the placement of the date that it's got a tossy, undersized little movement in it. I see that the size comes with no increase in actual ability either.
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