ATOLL Viceroy Precision Review

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ATOLL Viceroy Precision Review

Post by koimaster » June 14th 2020, 11:30am

ATOLL Viceroy Precision Review
Kickstarter has its critics, but I think it has benefitted the watch industry enormously. The big brands keep on recycling variations on the same few themes and there is little innovation. Crowdfunding allows niche ideas to find an audience and allows creators to ensure they can sell enough to support a production run. Margins are low and there’s little guarantee the manufacturer will be around in a couple of years for after-sales service but you get top-specs for a low-price and can pick up something far more exclusive than a Rolex or an Omega.

The ATOLL Viceroy Precision is housed in a 40mm case that wears smaller thanks to its thinness: 9.8mm or the plain bezel and 10.3mm for the rose gold version (as reviewed). To fit a sapphire crystal and Miyota 9039 movement in this is pretty impressive – I expect the absence of a date wheel helps with this.

Nevertheless, the watch wears very well and indeed meets the maker’s claim of fitting under a shirt cuff. Indeed it fits under a cuff better than any of my other watches, except for my 1978 Seiko Lord Quartz. The plain case-back is just fine by me, I’d rather my money go on the parts of a watch I see and a badly-done etching is worse than nothing at all in my view. ... ion-review


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Re: ATOLL Viceroy Precision Review

Post by conjurer » June 14th 2020, 1:05pm

Back when I was a young buck, my dad used to smoke Viceroy cigarettes. From the age of five until, well, until he died, and when I was around, it was my special duty to get my dad a fresh deck of smokes, so he didn't have to stir from his La-Z-Boy. "Gemme a pack of Viceroys," he'd say, and I had better do it, double quick, or at the very least he'd pin me to the floor with his steel-blue Eyes of Death. I'd go into the kitchen, and reach for his coffin nails, out of the carton with the sides cut off, on top of the refrigerator, undo the cellophane, rip open one side of the pack, and go back into the living room, stepping lively, and handed him the deck.

At some point, I think I was ten or twelve, I started opening both sides of the pack, and my dad put up with it for awhile--I suppose he knew I was testing boundaries or somefuckingthing, and at least I wasn't shooting heroin in the alley with a bunch of Italians or Pollacks. Finally, after about a week of my youthful rebellion, he sighed and said, "I really prefer that you open only one side of the pack of Viceroys." So I stopped.
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Re: ATOLL Viceroy Precision Review

Post by MKTheVintageBloke » June 14th 2020, 4:16pm

A rather overt Rolex Bubbleback hommidge. I don't hate the all-steel version with the smooth bezel and black dial.
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