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Second Hour Gin Clear Diver

Post by koimaster » March 2nd 2020, 9:20am

Second Hour Watches is preparing a Kickstarter campaign for its debut model, the Gin Clear Diver. I'll admit, I had never heard the term "gin clear" before. I get it, of course. "Gin clear water" is easy to picture, even if I prefer the view through my gin to be blurred by tonic water bubbles and a wedge of lime. For this review, Second Hour gave me a turn with one of their traveling prototypes, decked out in a lovely Pastel Blue.


The Gin Clear Diver's case measures 41.5mm across and 49mm long. A 42.5mm bezel increases the size a touch; the extra millimeter making it that much easier to grab the 120-click bezel. Thickness from the case back to the top of the domed sapphire crystal is 13.5mm, and lug-to-lug length is 49mm. Its H-link bracelet is 22mm at the fitted end-links, tapering to a 20mm signed, flip-lock, push-button clasp. All the links are solid, screwed, and reassuringly weighty. The whole package is by no means small, but properly sporty given its status as a 200m diver, and it is still a reasonable fit on my 6.75" wrist.

Image ... ime+Bum%29


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Re: Second Hour Gin Clear Diver

Post by biglove » March 2nd 2020, 5:47pm

Stock parts, a little custom print on the dial and a nice markup. Meh.

The 4 and 8 markers make me want to gouge my eyeballs out. That’s just sick.

There is more wrong but I can’t keep looking at those messed up hour markers. Assholes!
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Re: Second Hour Gin Clear Diver

Post by bbattle » March 31st 2020, 7:06am

Those 4 and 8 o'clock markers do not work for me but they claim to love them on their website.

The embossed writing on the dial does not look good; it looks blurry.

That crown looks mighty difficult to use. The gold edging on the hands is a bit much for a dive watch and doesn't work for me at all on the second hand. Don't see too many 8 point snowflakes on the tail end of the second hand; it's a bit much.

The colors don't bother me, some are decent. I like the flat crystal.

Their problem is that my Timex dial is cleaner and better thought out than theirs and the Timex cost me $120. The dozens of other dive watches that are better buys than a no-name stumblekicker doesn't help, either.

If they keep the price at their starterkick price, $399, they will sell enough to keep going.
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