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Oceanica Tambor 300M Automatic

Posted: March 1st 2020, 9:18pm
by koimaster
Oceanica Watch Company based out of Long Island, New York is back with a special release for 2020 to fund a classic made automatic dive watch. The all new Tambor series is based on classic vintage diving watches and pays tribute at the same time to the USS Tambor Submarine class which was utilized during World War II by the US Navy and in commission from 1941-1946 which is marked on the watches caseback. Here at Oceanica we always believe in delivering the best value for money one can truly get when it comes to timepieces. I, myself being a watch enthusiast and collector can appreciate a quality built and finished automatic watch at a great price point. While other companies tend to focus more on enormous profits, wed rather earn a little bit less while making the customer a bit happier. The watches themselves will take two months to produce once the funds are collected if we are successful on this campaign. After that, I will do the quality control myself and make sure everything is in order before shipping the orders out in early May. ... yday-diver

Re: Oceanica Tambor 300M Automatic

Posted: March 1st 2020, 11:26pm
by conjurer