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koimaster (Online)
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Roebuck Diviso

Post by koimaster » January 10th 2020, 10:56am

Today, I have a new model from the Roebuck Watch Company, the Diviso. The watch will debut on October 12 at the DC District Time Show and should be available for sale in November. [Update, January 8, 2020: It took a bit longer but the Diviso has officially launched.] For this review, I sampled a blue and orange prototype. ... ime+Bum%29


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Mark1 (Online)
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Re: Roebuck Diviso

Post by Mark1 » January 10th 2020, 10:39pm

I've seen worse, but this thing has only two tymeknobs, and no cable. I'll pass on this one.
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conjurer (Online)
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Re: Roebuck Diviso

Post by conjurer » January 10th 2020, 11:52pm

When I was young, I lived next door to a guy unfortunately named Roebuck Newhart. He was a few years older than me. What impressed me about him was the cut of his jib, as the old-timers liked to say. He was flamboyant--and I mean flamboyant like a Mazda Miata, or "homasensual," as my other neighbor, Ed Corn, used to say. Roebuck liked to wear very loud sports jackets (at a time when very loud sports jackets were all the rage, although Roebuck used to wear even louder than the norm.) He also sported ascot ties, as well as pointy-toed dress shoes, back when the only people wearing pointy-toed footwear lived in Melrose Park and ate a lot of garlic.

Anyway, Roebuck worked nights at the Cock Robin restaurant on First Avenue, and one evening a bunch of Hell's Angels rode in. And there was Roebuck Newhart, wearing a stupid Cock Robin apron and an ascot, and they decided to get all up in Roebuck's ass, so to speak. Unfortunately for the Hell's Angels, Roebuck happened to be carrying a Colt Commander .45, and happened also to be a crack shot. So when the first Hell's Angel jumped the counter to fuck him up, Roebuck took him down with a head shot, and then dispatched the other three, with perfectly aimed double taps, speed-changing the magazine like James Caan in Thief somewhere inbetween. The Maywood PD charged Roebuck with an illegal weapons beef, but naturally, with four dead Hell's Angels on the floor, nobody really gave a shit, and Roebuck walked. The last I heard of Roebuck, he had invented the Astra A2000 automatic espresso machine, and hung up his Colt Commander.
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Re: Roebuck Diviso

Post by bbattle » January 11th 2020, 8:38am

I don't care for the outlined lugs on the case. Makes the case look even chunkier than it is. The carbon fiber bezel is unnecessarily fussy; should be a semi-gloss black.

I like the Gulf Oil racing colors.

A bit pricey.

I knew a Rob Roebuck back in college. He was in my fraternity; couple of years below me. One night, a car comes to a stop in the middle of the frat house yard while a party was going on. Two drunk school teachers got out and began hollerin' "Where's Roebuck?" Rob ended up taking one of them back to his dorm room; his old high school English teacher. But not before she and her friend sang "freshmen never eat pussy." We never did find out from Rob if that was true or not; he said he didn't kiss and tell.
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