Timex Giorgio Galli S1

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Timex Giorgio Galli S1

Post by koimaster » May 17th 2021, 11:36am

Our Milan-based design director Giorgio Galli knows what makes Timex tick better than anyone. That’s why we asked him to create the most “Timex” Timex ever made, a watch that combines our shared love of quality, accessibility and great design. Giorgio answered with the S1 Automatic. This elegant timepiece features details that could only have come from Giorgio — a high-accuracy automatic movement, a fully-custom case design and a domed K1 mineral crystal. The watch ships with a high-durability strap in soft synthetic rubber that features an exclusive riveted strap-keeper design. Under the watch’s sweeping hands is a synthetic ruby set into the silvery dial, where moments pass in an effortless glide that will capture your attention again and again — even when you already know perfectly well what time it is.

41mm CASE

https://www.timex.com/giorgio-galli-s1- ... 800GO.html


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Re: Timex Giorgio Galli S1

Post by jason_recliner » May 17th 2021, 3:56pm

I reckon the price (RRP, remember) is more than fair. Cool design with a complex case, reasonable quality dial and hands, 9039 inside, and from an actual manufacture. Many similarly specced micro-brands are the same price, or more, and use generic looking components. It's disappointing they didn't include sapphire but a boxed sapphire would add considerable cost.
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Re: Timex Giorgio Galli S1

Post by DoctorIvey » May 17th 2021, 4:46pm

I like it, but ultimately it's a no from me and I'd never buy it.
I like what they're doing, but it breaks my heart that once proud American companies like Hamilton and Timex (and I could name a hundred others) will almost certainly never be what they once were. It irks me that we can't make a movement here (and I'm not talking a two hundred grand RGM) in 2021 but we could in the 1800s. That makes no sense to me, although I absolutely do get it.
I wish this wartch had lume at least. And that John Camerson Swayze would strap it to the rear wheel of a motocross bike and go Supercrossing with it.
I also take issue to this being "the most Timex Timex ever" seeing as how it has a Japanese movement, a garish jewel on its face, and the name of some Italian designer. And remember, I'm Italian. And Japanese. And my favorite cat was named Galli.
Come to think of it, I like this a lot. But I think it pales as a value compared to the retro Tissot. What's it called, the .... Visidate? That can't be right.
I like that new American (except for the movement) Timex also, looks wise.
I'll tell you what most of you mooks missed out on, and really should have seen, was the Timex museum (I think they called it Timexpo or something). That was awesome. It had a Easter Island figure there with a kontiki connection (IIRC) and badass Malcolm Baldridge's desk. Maybe if Timex keeps growing they can find a way to open it back up, because it was a great visit.
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