Are in need of some love?

Related to your pets. Does not include girlfriends/boy friends
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Re: Are in need of some love?

Post by conjurer » August 4th 2022, 10:29pm

I'm not a dog guy. I'm a cat guy. But, I like dogs. If a dog wants to wag his tail and slobber all over me, that's OK. I don't really want this to happen every five minutes, but I like dogs like I like other guy's kids. OK, that's fine, now send them to bed and we'll break open a few beers over the grill.
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Re: Are in need of some love?

Post by svaglic » August 5th 2022, 6:11pm

That’s one thing I taught Homie, no licking my face. I’m not into that.
When my friends came over they would let him lick their face and it made me sick.
I know where his mouth has been, he licked his peeper and butt.
When he wanted a kiss, he would lean into my face and put his head down so I could kiss his forehead. I didn’t need a kiss back.
In memory of TB/Phfluff, since he isn’t here to continue to give his praise, I will share it for him.
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