Why Orange Cats are Special

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Re: Why Orange Cats are Special

Post by MAX » September 29th 2020, 6:04am

Dont know about that article but Ive never met an orange cat I didnt like or a tortoise cat that I did. I always said they were like weiner dogs, didnt like me and vice versa. Maybe because they were all owned by ex GFs was the reason though.

Had 3 orange cats in my lifetime. The brother and sister pair Eric and Julie were both smart and loving although the female had the worse gas Ive ever smelled. Only cat smarter was my Siamese.
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Re: Why Orange Cats are Special

Post by svaglic » September 29th 2020, 7:13am

An excuse to throw my three black cats away.
They plot my demise. Every time I try to walk, the cute fluffy one diverts my attention by walking in front of me while the other two each take a leg. Teamwork to trip me.
I’m lucky they don’t throw me away. They let me live with them as long as I pay all the bills.
I have a dog that wants all my attention and three cats that all want me to pet them. They all get jealous of each other.
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