Postal Cats - an idea for the USPS?

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Re: Postal Cats - an idea for the USPS?

Post by Hawk » July 17th 2019, 5:40pm

The precursor of high-speed rail no doubt.

Legend holds that someone of scientific bent, inspired by booze and pharmaceuticals, took a cat and attached a piece of buttered toast to the cat's back.

It's known that toast always lands buttered side down and that cat's always land on their feet. The result of an experiment involving dropping the cat from a meter high resulted in the cat hovering about 100mm in the air, spinning, as the opposing buttered toast and landing feet forces played off each other.

This resulted in the famous Hong Kong to Shanghai bullet train where a buttered cat array was deployed as an inexpensive alternative to super-conducting super-magnets which had to held at close to absolute zero to function. Buttered cats function at room temperature.

But I never knew they delivered the mail.
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