National Dog Day Aug. 26, 2018..

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Mortuus Fakeuus

Re: National Dog Day Aug. 26, 2018..

Post by Mortuus Fakeuus » August 26th 2018, 4:54pm

Our beloved little Daffodil Clementine in her most I'm-still-just-a-sweet-innocent-puppy pose, which totally negates the fact that she chased a coyote -- yep, a damned wild, predatory animal -- for [the equivalent of] three blocks, with Mrs. Mort chasing her and screaming "Daff-o-dill! DAFF-O-DILL!! DAAAFF-OOH-DILLLL!!!!" at the top of her lungs. I wasn't there, but I was told that a goodly number of Rancho Santa Feyan's came out to the end of their driveways to see what the commotion was all about...

Image can such a nut-job of a doggy pull a stunt like that, and still look soooo sweet 'n innocent...? :???: Jeebus...

And, of course, here Mort sits, all wrapped around her little dewclaw...

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four of diamonds

Re: National Dog Day Aug. 26, 2018..

Post by four of diamonds » August 26th 2018, 7:29pm

I had to say good bye to Reba a few weeks ago. Looking scruffy in this picture just having come home from what was her last S&R in North Georgia, searching for Boy Scouts that "overstayed" their intended camping expedition. Some of the Moms were freaked out scared, others pissed off, some both. She was a rescue White German Shepard from a county animal shelter and weighed in at 30 lbs from street living when I brought her home the first time in 2007. Within a few months she filled out to 65 lbs and became an S&R dog. Great nose, lots of energy, easy to train, fearless (except for thunder) and she "loved" the woods. Put herself between me and imminent threats many times; including a black bear that wandered too close to our camp, a wild pig that wanted to kick the crap out of us and a buck that decided to charge us rack down. A few months ago she started to fade, and the vet said her time was coming, so three weeks ago I had her put down. She is missed.
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