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Re: Meet Floyd

Post by conjurer » June 14th 2017, 5:56am

Goddamn it, I hope you heal up fast, Allison. Cod's right, this dog shouldn't be allowed to roam around--animal control/PD needs to be notified. The next person could be a little kid.
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Re: Meet Floyd

Post by TemerityB » June 16th 2017, 11:13am

I didn't want to chime on on this one, but here's a little story.

We tried to give a new home to a stay dog many years ago, beautiful 60-pound mix we called Buddy. Unfortunately, the whole thing lasted under a month. Buddy, who we and our vet guessed was about nine months to a year old, was the most incredibly wild dog once we put him in the apartment. He nipped us into bloody shards, ripped up the house over and over, wouldn't go on walks without going crazy and jumping up on us (and other people), and on and on. He started to show teeth, a bad sign. We tried, I swear we did, but we couldn't handle him - both of us work, and we trained and trained but nothing stuck. We talked to our vet before giving him up, and her calming words were: "It's really true - there are some animals that just can't be tamed."

I still think of Buddy all the time, like freakin' 18 years later, and my heart breaks knowing we had to let him go. I know how you feel, sv. I really do. There isn't a moment I don't miss all of my past pets, yes, including Buddy. But sometimes, harsh truth comes crashing down, despite our best intentions.

Whatever you decide to do, it's not wrong. Some things just have to be done. And yes - it's possible to love a creature that's bitten you. That's the worst part of it all.
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