Miniature Bull Terriers

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Miniature Bull Terriers

Post by boscoe » November 10th 2021, 3:44pm

As many of my pals here know, my buddy Boscoe the Pug died some years back. Eventually, I got Mouse, a mini-bull terrier, who literally died in my arms this summer after a heart attack at 2.5 years old. Last month, I got another MBT pup since they've become my favorite breed. Mini-bulls are often described as comics or clowns in a dog suit. Very, very true. I find you can't be sad - at least not for long - with an MBT at your side or under your feet. These guys (think Target mascot or Spuds Mackenzie) are pretty rare these days. I'd urge all dog lovers considering a new pet to check them out. Most excellent!
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