Some Very Tough News

Memorial forum in memory of Watchlord members who have passed away
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Some Very Tough News

Post by conjurer » March 27th 2015, 1:38pm

I just got the news that member Horse Feathers passed away last night. His wife called me this morning asking about the watch that he won at the charity auction (apparently it arrived yesterday or today) and she had picked it up from the PO.

She told me that he was in good health, but went to bed last night feeling under the weather. He showed some distress while asleep and she was unable to wake him, and so called 911.

I'm very sorry to be the bringer of such shocking and unhappy news. HF and I had become pretty good pals (as much as this can happen over the internet) and I'm deeply saddened by his passing. He was a great guy, smart, funny, and as much of a gentleman as one can find in this hobby.

RIP Clarence.
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Re: Some Very Tough News

Post by koimaster » March 27th 2015, 1:47pm

Bad news indeed. Please forward my condolences and best wishes to his family. I guess we need to start recruiting younger members. Bad joke but HF would appreciate the dark humor.


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Post by anonymous-10 » March 27th 2015, 1:51pm

Oh man............oh man................

He was one of the best.....condolences to his wife and family.

He will truly be missed around here.
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Re: Some Very Tough News

Post by biglove » March 27th 2015, 2:51pm

Oh, that's just terrible to hear.

Razor wit and never short of words.

Saddened for his family.

Please extend my sympathies.
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Re: Some Very Tough News

Post by gerdson » March 27th 2015, 3:02pm

Oh no. I will miss him. Dang. Just when I read Carl's snide comment on the engineers over in the other thread, I thought of him. Scheiße.
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Re: Some Very Tough News

Post by ocean » March 27th 2015, 3:20pm

WTF? Thought this was a cruel April fool's joke at first. Clarence was and is a great guy. Another one of the good ones has left us. Truly shocked by this news, please pass my condolences to his wife and family.
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Re: Some Very Tough News

Post by Mortuus Fakeuus » March 27th 2015, 3:23pm

Dang. Fuck.

Clarence was my friend.

When I got myself (deservedly) booted from here, he was one of the guys who made a pain of himself, sending countless PM's and emails to help get me brought back. We had our share of disagreements over time, but one or both of us always sent a PM to reiterate what we both knew: our friendship was more important than some unimportant issue we had had differences over. It truly made the bond between us that much stronger.

I used to affectionately call him Hose Feathers or Horse Fodders, and I'd send him 'Clarence jokes' whenever I got the chance. He always laughed, even when the jokes weren't particularly funny.

Clarence was the father of a special needs child, and never complained; nor did he feel any self-pity. He was a strong man and a very good father.

He only recently went out on his own in the business world, after years of working for others. I recall being nervous for him, what with the weak economy and all, but I knew he was enormously talented, so I ditched the worrying and kept him in my prayers.

He was a master of the Photoshop program. Within mere minutes of hearing or seeing something funny, he'd have a perfect or near-perfect picture in his sig-block or latest post. And I'd be on the floor, trying to find the ass I'd just laughed off. Either that, or I'd be cleaning Pepsi off my keyboard because I'd spit it out, laughing hopelessly at the latest "Horseyism."

Clarence was my friend, and I miss him terribly already.
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Re: Some Very Tough News

Post by JAS1125 » March 27th 2015, 4:52pm

Truly shocked to learn of this.....

We exchanged some pics and PMs when he was doing the Sad Turd head rift.....he had a great sense of humor.

Heartfelt condolences to his family and a Sad Turd head (this time truly sad for a reason) in his honor.

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Re: Some Very Tough News

Post by Mark1 » March 27th 2015, 5:01pm

Wow, at a loss for words. John, if you are in contact with his family, I would like to see if we can raise up a few bucks and send flowers or contribute to some charity on his behalf-whatever the family wishes.
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Re: Some Very Tough News

Post by svaglic » March 27th 2015, 5:19pm

Mark1 wrote:Wow, at a loss for words. John, if you are in contact with his family, I would like to see if we can raise up a few bucks and send flowers or contribute to some charity on his behalf-whatever the family wishes.

I'm in for that.
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Re: Some Very Tough News

Post by four of diamonds » March 27th 2015, 5:34pm

I didn't know Clarence, but I will miss his wit and humor that many times was a welcome relief on those "tough" days. Condolences and prayers to his family.
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