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Post by koimaster » November 30th 2020, 7:19pm

For a long time, when I thought of Monza, I thought of the small city just north of Milan that I had been to maybe once and that that guy from work’s aunt was from. As I started to get more into racing watches and by proxy, cars, I stumbled upon the Heuer Monza. So here is the short story of another vintage Heuer named after a city…

1975 was a pretty chaotic year for Formula One racing; American driver Mark Donohue died after a crash in Austria and Graham Hill, of the Embassy Hill team, died with another driver in a plane crash later in the year. Niki Lauda also had a rocky start to the year but ended up winning a championship in his Ferrari 312T - only his second year on Ferrari the team! His Ferrari was said to be technically superior than any other car that year. It was designed by Italian engineer Mauro Forghieri and built by Scuderia Ferrari to put out 510 bhp! For his awesome comeback season and win in 1975, Jack Heuer decided to dedicate the Monza to the champ who had come in third place in the Italian Grand Prix that year in Monza (Heuer was the unofficial sponsor of Ferrari at the time). As such, the Heuer Monza we know today was released in 1976 with some real racing inspiration under the hood. ... euer-monza


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