Clerc Bezel Patent and Swiss Legend

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Clerc Bezel Patent and Swiss Legend

Post by koimaster » June 22nd 2015, 1:17pm

I have to wonder why Clerc has done nothing to force Swiss Legend to Cease and Desist making this rip off. I decided to purchase this POS scubador and photograph it and then post it next to photos I recently took of the Clerc posted in the review section. After I get done, the scubador gets thrashed as should all replicas.

Clerc bezel patent.pdf

clerc patent.JPG

Clerc scubador.JPG

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Re: Clerc Bezel Patent and Swiss Legend

Post by TemerityB » June 22nd 2015, 4:26pm

Clerc should follow Hamilton's lead with Stuhrling Original (not to mention Audemars Piguet with SWI) and just go for it. Obviously, it can be done.
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