Marvin Watch Interview

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Marvin Watch Interview

Post by koimaster » May 18th 2010, 1:32pm

Interview With Jérôme Pineau; Community Manager, Marvin Watches

Some of you may already be familiar with Jérôme Pineau, the internet savvy Community Manager for Marvin Watches who has been single-handedly building the brand’s presence on-line. We have been quietly observing this exceptional upward trend since the beginning of the year and so we decided to approach Jérôme to find out more.

We had already discovered with great pleasure that he was a faithful reader of The Watch Lounge, always happy to share his views and engage with other readers. So to find out more we also followed his personal Twitter account, as well as the Marvin account and discovered pretty quickly just why he has been so successful.

Not only is Jérôme (and by extension Marvin) extremely accessible, his activity on-line is also exceptionally relevant and geared towards creating meaningful relationships with customers and enthusiasts alike, not just reeling off corporate spiel about the brand like so many others do. He’s also exceedingly kind and always willing to go the extra mile for Marvin customers, building invaluable goodwill for the brand.

So, without further ado we give you Marvin Watch’s community manager, Jérôme Pineau!

Please note this interview is also available in French here.

Website for Marvin


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