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Smith & Sheth Cru: New Zealand wines

Posted: March 29th 2020, 10:35am
by koimaster
Smith & Sheth Cru: Rich, Exciting Wines From New Zealand With Alluring Aromas
by Ken Gargett

I first met Steve Smith around the turn of the century. I was visiting the vineyards of New Zealand (although, like many of those visits, it was probably to legitimize a fly-fishing trip to chase the Kiwis’ magnificent brown trout) and someone had arranged for us to catch up. Smith was newly appointed at a winery of which I had never heard – nor had anyone else back then.

I remember Smith as an enthusiastic winemaker (all winemakers are enthusiastic, but Steve took it to Olympian levels) standing in the middle of a paddock telling me of the glories to come. A rather rocky and uninspiring sight it was at the time, and I thought weeds might have had a better chance.

But Smith had some very early wines from grapes purchased from growers, I believe, back at what would eventually become one of his two wineries. He wanted to show me a Syrah (New Zealand had but a handful of vines of this variety in those days) from almost inconceivably young vines, which he had and which was showing 15 percent alcohol. ... e-tannins/

Re: Smith & Sheth Cru: New Zealand wines

Posted: March 29th 2020, 2:36pm
by bbattle
Always good to read about drinking wine.

I've heard that wine is very good at keeping the coronavirus at bay.