Denmark brewer makes beer using human urine..

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Denmark brewer makes beer using human urine..

Post by Thunder1 » May 5th 2017, 1:39pm

Now, lets' not get into a pissing contest over this one...The Gerdson was onto something all along!!!..

Denmark brewer makes beer using human urine
CBS News/ May 5, 2017, 11:31 AM

A brewery in Denmark is making beer using human urine. The specialty pilsner is called "Pisner," a name derived from wordplay on the type of beer and local slang.

The brew is made with malting barley fertilized by the contents of urinals at the largest music festival in Northern Europe. The 50,000 liters of human waste liquid was used as an alternative to traditional animal manure or factory-made fertilizer products. ... ertilizer/
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